Great Job, Internet!: The “science” of The Avengers explained

Considering The Avengers team consists of a genetically enhanced super soldier from the 1940s, a man who flies around in a robot suit, and a literal God, most people don’t consider Marvel movies the epitome of realistic sci-fi. But the American Chemical Society has released a new video in its Reactions series that grounds some of the more fantastical elements of The Avengers in real-world science.

The video mostly uses the Avengers characters and their various skills and tools as a way to talk about some scientific concepts, but it goes a long way towards making these heroes feel almost plausible. For instance, Cap’s fast healing could easily be explained by an extra dose of super productive white blood cells called macrophages.

It also notes that the idea of Tony Stark creating a new element in Iron Man 2 isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Scientists have …

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