Great Job, Internet!: The science behind Nerf guns revealed

For decades, Nerf weapons have provided children with the tools needed to torment their siblings, stage complicated reenactments of their favorite movies and video games, and drive some pets into therapy. Sure, they’re a little violent, but the foam bullets provide a safety net for kids’ maniacal tendencies, with parents ending up at least a little happy that their kids are moving around and interacting rather than just playing Call Of Duty.

And Nerf weapons have only gotten more sophisticated over the years, with Sharpshooters and Ballzookas giving way to newer models like the Doubleshot and the Triad EX-3, which feature multiple barrels and a well-designed system that allow for only a single dart to be shot with each pull of the trigger.

A video from YouTube dude Steve Crayons explains the science behind how these recent Nerf offerings work, allowing for a dart to be fired no matter …

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