Great Job, Internet!: The Ring girl and The Grudge girl played baseball together

Looks like America is going to have to start sharing its favorite pastime with a couple of vengeful ghosts.

The stars of The Ring and The Grudge laced up their cleats and hit the field of Japan’s Sapporo Dome yesterday to promote their horror cross-over film Sadako Vs. Kayako. The two were in attendance for a ceremonial pitch to open up a game between the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Yakult Swallows. This event comes in a line of other promotional activities, including the release of Sadako and Kayako beauty masks and a particularly terrifying Instagram account.

Sadako, dressed in her infamous white nightgown with her face completely obscured by hair, and Kayako, assisted by her ghost son Toshio—wearing in a very adorable “I <3 Kayako” T-shirt—trudged and flailed onto the field without once breaking character.

Sadako winds up like a pro, even nodding and signaling (possibly …

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