Great Job, Internet!: The Revenant becomes an action-packed Tony Hawk-style video game

Is Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s The Revenant a joyless, two-and-a-half hour slog, consisting of revenge, death, wilderness survival, and bear attacks? Not when you add some classic graphics and sound effects and turn it into a video game in the great tradition of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. That is exactly the premise behind “Leo DiCaprio’s Pro Revenant,” a high-concept new short film from video madman Dominick Nero. What Nero has done with this two-minute video is to transform Iñárritu’s epic from a grim, Oscar-nominated drama into “a fun extreme sports game that award[s] players for completing cool tricks and doing generally destructive things,” just like the beloved skateboarding simulator of yore. Here, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass is a playable character with a simple mission: avenge his dead son. The player has all sorts of options, especially as far as locations go. Leo can seek vengeance …

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