Great Job, Internet!: The real story behind Charlie Murphy’s basketball game with Prince

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Prince’s passing and, unfortunately, it’s been colored by legal battles and restricted music rather than recollection. Last week, we also lost one of his friends, Chappelle’s Show alum Charlie Murphy. Murphy was always a memorable part of the series, and some might say it was his recurring “True Hollywood Stories” sketches that really caused the show to break out (for better or worse, it was responsible for “I’m Rick James, bitch!”). In the sketch, Murphy would tell stories of hanging out with the world’s biggest celebrities alongside his brother, Eddie Murphy. One, you might remember, centered on Prince.

In the story, Murphy talks of a night when he and Eddie squared off against Prince in a pick-up basketball game and were promptly destroyed. As Murphy tells it, Prince never changed clothes and even served them pancakes afterward. While no …

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