Great Job, Internet!: The Ready Player One backlash has begun

On Saturday, Steven Spielberg unveiled the trailer for his new sci-fi epic Ready Player One. Based on Ernest Cline’s novel of the same name, it came touted in the trailer as a “pop culture holy grail” set in a virtual reality world in which The Iron Giant, Ninja Turtles, Freddy Krueger, and many other licensed action figures appear to, um, fight each other or something. The film doesn’t come out until March 2018, but its pedigree—both via off-camera talent and on-camera fictional wattage—is about as high as a sci-fi flick gets.

But the response has been… not good. Indeed, while Cline’s novel is beloved by a certain subset of fandom-obsessed forum-dwellers, and its brand of hyper-referential nerd-canon reverence has become increasingly mainstream as a result of Marvel movies and shows like The Big Bang Theory, many people find its take on games and so-called “genre …

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