Great Job, Internet!: The quintessential portrayal of Batman was a cartoon

It’s difficult to imagine a world without Batman. The caped crusader has been fighting crime since 1939, and he doesn’t appear to be retiring any time soon. Bruce Wayne’s alter ego is a massive cultural icon, with numerous comics, television shows, video games, toys, and films under his belt. Throughout the years, the character has been portrayed in a variety of ways—campy, dashing, gritty (or an amalgam of all three)—by many incredible actors. But, often overlooked by casual fans, is the fact that modern-day Batman is arguably most influenced by the pivotal voice acting, writing, and directing of Batman: The Animated Series.

In a new video essay, Kristian Williams explores exactly how Batman: The Animated Series affected every adaptation that followed. The YouTuber points out that “the animated series was airing at a time when the films were becoming progressively more and more cartoony and …

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