Great Job, Internet!: “The Piss Tape Is Real” may become a registered trademark

Earlier this year, journalists and anti-Trumpers just about wet their pants at the mention of the infamous “piss tape,” an alleged recording of two sex workers—hired by Donald Trump—urinating on the bed of the Moscow Ritz-Carlton Presidential Suite as an insult to Barack and Michelle Obama, who had recently stayed in the room. It was contained in an unverified report from a former British intelligence official, so the question of whether or not it actually exists has been hovering in the ether ever since, a dim, light-yellow specter of hope glowing beyond the stink lines currently emanating from the White House.

With our president crying “fake news” at any story that’s even remotely critical of his policies, the hope for the reveal of this “piss tape” perseveres because its undeniable depravity would serve to not only humiliate Trump but also to deliver a sizable blow to a …

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