Great Job, Internet!: The past year in news and pop culture, recreated with Peeps

Remember the last 12 months or so? They’re back in Peep form. Just before Easter every year, The Washington Post runs the Peeps Diorama Contest, or Peeps Show (involuntary-sneer-inducing pun theirs), calling on readers to submit dioramas that use marshmallow Peeps creatively. This year’s winner among the 419 entries hid 12 camouflaged Peeps in a rustic cabin setting, challenging you to find them all, a la Highlights magazine.

The Post also, however, has a full slideshow of the top 50 contenders, the majority of which run through the last year in news and pop culture, like a modern, Peep-ified version of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” that frequently grinds to an uncomfortable halt (“Left shark / The dress / Ice bucket / ALS … Uh, wait, let me start again. Kim K’s butt / Cumberbatch / Charlie Hebdo / Staff dispatched—agh, dammit!”). There’s also a Peep getting a colonoscopy for some …

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