Great Job, Internet!: The Office, Mad Men, Parks And Rec, more get turned into hyper-detailed 3D models

We spend a lot of time absorbing the layouts of TV show sets, eventually coming to have a vague kinetic sense for where each room is in relation to the others. There’s something of a cottage industry of recreations of these sets in VR, using cutting-edge video game techniques, and as floor plans, all of which is understandable: After so long spent staring into these spaces, we eventually want to visit them.

The real estate marketing company Drawbotics has tapped into this with a series of extremely high-resolution 3-D renderings of some of our favorite TV workplaces. You can access all of them over on their site, but here’s The (American) Office, as it appeared in the first season:

You can even zoom in to see the landmine on Ron Swanson’s desk in this recreation of Parks And Recreation‘s office:

And you can practically smell the …

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