Great Job, Internet!: The latest Trump-Macron handshake is an intergalactic death match

At this point, any Trump handshake will be something of an event, at least for the sort of people who look for any opportunity to make fun of him. During the G20 summit, for example, the mere fact that he made a funny face while taking a photo with Angela Merkel was turned into fodder for online ridicule, when in reality it was just the sort of mid-photo-shoot face that anyone could end up making in a flash. Thus there was a lot of attention being paid in advance of Trump’s latest visit to France, wherein French president Emmanuel Macron looked to heal some of the recent wounds between our countries. Would their farewell handshake be another non-event, something briefly enflaming anti-Trump Twitter circles and then fading?

No. It would not be.

The farewell handshake between President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron lasted about 25 seconds https://t …

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