Great Job, Internet!: The last 3 years of Adult Swim-related FCC complaints are hilarious

Adult Swim’s crass humor, thinly veiled social commentary, and ridiculously popular shows may entertain viewers, but people who have the wherewithal to write letters to the FCC are not quite as pleased. Intrepid Redditor Trill-I-Am did the world a favor and requested the last three years of FCC complaints about the cable network. The 33 pages of reports have some real gems, like this one from September 21, 2014:

On the bumper of the show Mr. Pickles, blatant subliminal messages are used. Within one second the following phases are used in this order…

“Since 1425 one secret organization”

“Has sought dominion over the world of man”


“tonight it reaches a new level of indoctrination”


“With an animated show”

“About a dog”

“Give your soul to Mr. Pickles” (With images of pentagrams and baphomet being flashed rapidly)

Mr. Pickles is the Satan incarnate in the show and …

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