Great Job, Internet!: The internet’s predictable but funny response to Twitter’s planned changes

Twitter is planning to implement a new algorithmic timeline fairly soon. The point of the change is to give more weight to popular and “relevant” content that could potentially make a user’s experience a lot better. Though details are somewhat vague, it seems that the social networking service is taking a page straight out of Facebook, which has long used a similar timeline tactic/structure.

But as news spread, the Twitter faithful became pretty irate despite assurance from co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey that “we never planned to reorder timelines next week.” Still, the change is happening eventually, and several beta testers have already tried the new version (and they didn’t exactly love it). The Verge has recently confirmed that “this will be the new Twitter by default—but you will be allowed to opt out of the new timeline.”

So, there’s no reason to freak out …

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