Great Job, Internet!: The internet is having fun with this shot of pensive woodsman Donald Trump Jr.

Consider this Exhibit Billion in the ongoing argument that the Trump kids should stop posting pictures of themselves online: The New York Times’ Style section ran a profile of Trump Organization trustee Donald Trump Jr. today, discussing his relationship with his family and his life in the presidential spotlight. By all accounts, it’s a pretty interesting look at Trump’s oldest son, but nobody cares about that right now, because it had the ill-fortune to run alongside this picture of its subject, engaging in some good old fashioned backwoods stump contemplation:

Donald Trump Jr. decided early on not to measure himself against his father

— The New York Times (@nytimes) March 18, 2017

Much like when the Trump campaign tried to energize millenniel voters with a poster that created the impression that the president’s three oldest children were about to drain them of their blood …

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