Great Job, Internet!: The inevitable mashup of Inside Out and Inception has arrived, is lovely

Since they’re both movies which take place largely within that mysterious realm known as the human noggin, Inception and Inside Out were natural candidates for a mashup video. And now, since the internet abhors a vacuum, that mashup video is here for the enjoyment of all. What is surprising is how restrained and relatively low-key it is. Chicago-born digital filmmaker Nelson Carvajal, whose varied resume includes work on The Biggest Loser, Colombiana, and two Transformers sequels, has crafted a clever mock trailer entitled Incept Out by taking candy-colored footage from Inside Out and setting it to the dark, ominous strains of Zack Hemsey’s “Mind Heist,” a piece which was memorably used in (though not composed for) the third Inception trailer back in 2010.

The plot of Incept Out is exactly the same as that of Inside Out: A preteen girl named Riley has trouble coping when her family …

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