Great Job, Internet!: The future is here and it’s a big ugly chair

Sometime in the last decade, everyone quietly decided that sitting at your desk was the worst thing you could possibly do. The general consensus became that, if you’re spending 40+ hours a week at the office, it’s not the crippling depression or break room coffee-based diet that’s going to kill you, it’s your chair. Soon, every obnoxious coworker with enough gall to care about their own well-being was using a standing desk or one of those big bouncy yoga balls or some other supposedly ergonomic contraption. But after many years of trial and error, we’ve finally reached the end-all be-all of dumb looking chairs that purport to increase efficiency.

It’s called the Altwork, it’s $5,900, and it looks dumb as hell.

Whether you’re finishing a report for your next marketing meeting or finally getting your adult braces taken off, the Altwork …

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