Great Job, Internet!: The difficulties of adapting Watchmen to the screen

It took more than two decades for the award-winning, boundary-breaking DC comic Watchmen to reach the big screen. The revolutionary comic series/graphic novel was considered unadaptable, as it stood as an inspired send-up and deconstruction of previous comics, using a consistent nine-panel layout to portray its intricate story in strictly mannered detail. Director Zack Snyder finally took the plunge in 2009, and the results will be debated among comic-book fans forever, although some point to the movie as proof that the “unadaptable” moniker was spot-on.

For a closer look, a short video called “Watchmen – Adapting The Unadaptable” by YouTube’s Kaptainkristian points to the comic’s strengths and the movie’s weaknesses. There are times when the film wisely sticks to its source material, as in one of Dr. Manhattan’s monologues from Mars. But the film departs from the series in significant ways—which the video points out …

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