Great Job, Internet!: The Cubs and Indians’ hometown art museums are having a Photoshop war

As the 2016 World Series builds to its Game 7 climax tonight, the cities of Chicago and Cleveland are deadlocked in a bit of friendly, Midwestern rivalry. That competitiveness has even spilled over into the fine art world. The Art Institute Of Chicago is showing its hometown pride with some Photoshopped images of classic paintings, retconning Cubs fandom throughout art history. For example, here’s the Institute’s baseball-themed take on Édouard Manet’s classic Woman Reading from 1879-80:

And here is an updated version of William Sidney Mount’s Barroom Scene (1835), in which the revelers seem to be celebrating the Cubs’ victory in Game 6 in a surprisingly uncrowded tavern, presumably far from Wrigleyville.

Not to be outdone, the Cleveland Museum Of Art has responded in kind with some Photoshopped artwork of its own. In this image, George Washington wears a Cleveland-insider meme on his sash:

But arguably …

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