Great Job, Internet!: The Cars universe continues to suggest the existence of a Car Hitler

For years people on the internet have tried to explain the Pixar universe, from breaking down a chronological timeline of all the movies to explaining the ramifications of crashing sentient, oxygen-breathing automobiles into walls in Cars. So far no one from Pixar has confirmed or denied these claims, likely because they’re currently working on the next five emotionally taxing releases that will only continue to confuse animation conspiracy theorists throughout the internet. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t giving us clues.

The weekend release of Cars 3 reopened the can of worms with the question prompted by every family-friendly movie: How does the Holocaust play into this? Since the beginning the franchise has included a World War II-era Jeep named Sarge, and the 2013 Disney spin-off Planes featured a full-on flashback to the Pacific Theater. Naturally, these details have lead some on the internet to ponder whether …

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