Great Job, Internet!: The artist behind Topps’ Mars Attacks also did some wild Batman cards

Artist Norman Saunders is best remembered as the man behind Topps’ Mars Attacks, a series of worst-case-scenario alien invasion trading cards that inspired an all-star, feature length film adaptation directed by Tim Burton in 1994. But Saunders’ tenure at Topps was not all Martians, ray guns, and UFOs. In the mid-1960s, with ABC’s Batman dominating popular culture, Saunders designed a campy, colorful series of cards featuring the Caped Crusader and his trusty sidekick, Robin, plus some memorable villains, including Joker and Riddler. Also, there are dinosaurs, medieval knights, and a pot of gold. That’s the kind of series this is. Sadly, despite the notoriety of the artist, these cards are somewhat obscure and are not easily found half a century later. Over at Comics Alliance, however, writer Chris Sims showcases a tantalizing collection of Saunders’ best and most insane Batman cards.

It is Robin who inspires some of …

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