Great Job, Internet!: The Art Assignment makes a solid case for the work of Yoko Ono

A weekly web series created by PBS Digitial Studios called The Art Assignment has lately taken on the daunting and noble challenge of defending the work of controversial artists whose very names elicit exaggerated eye rolls and audible groans of disgust. So far, there have been episodes devoted to Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, and Kanye West. Tough cases all. The fourth such installment, however, might be the trickiest yet as the series takes on “The Case For Yoko Ono.” That very title will likely inspire widespread skepticism and derision, but narrator and project curator Sarah Green is dead serious about this and makes a sensible, evidence-based argument for Ono’s conceptual art, music, and political activism. Though most people associate Ono with her late husband, John Lennon, whom she met in 1968, Green points out that the Japanese-born artist’s career neither began nor ended with her association with the …

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