Great Job, Internet!: The Ant-Man trailer makes a hell of a ’50s horror movie

A man shrinks down and suddenly finds himself beset on all sides by giant threats that once were miniscule. Is that the fodder for the next Marvel movie or a ’50s sci-fi horror movie? The lines are blurred in this trailer remix that retrofits Marvel’s Ant-Man as a horror movie complete with Vincent Price narration. As created by Sleepy Skunk in conjunction with Vulture, the video pulls from multiple sources to give the trailer a feeling akin to an Irwin Allen or Bert I. Gordon picture, including the American International Pictures logo, startled characters, and seemingly a tale of science gone awry.

Sleepy Skunk uses footage from Them!, The Fly, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The House On Haunted Hill, and the Ant-Man trailer itself to create this impressive facsimile. It’s well done and utterly apt for the type of films that influenced the Ant-Man comics many years ago …

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