Great Job, Internet!: That scene from last Sunday’s The Walking Dead gets the Benny Hill treatment it deserves

Last weekend’s episode of The Walking Dead took a break from the show’s usual grim nihilism, almost overcorrecting in one particularly silly sequence. A new character, Jesus, briefly steals Rick and Daryl’s ride, gets tied up, immediately unties himself off camera and hides on top of their truck—only to be chased down and beat up again—all while their supplies fall into a pond. It’s the kind of sequence that almost demands the classic Benny Hill “Yakety Sax” track, and the internet has dutifully obliged.

First up, this clip from 43eyes, which syncs the music to the unedited scene from the show:

But Benny Hill/“Yakety Sax” purists might prefer this version by Charles Creech, featuring the more classic sped-up visuals and laugh track:

In fact, there’s a small subgenre of YouTube videos devoted to syncing The Walking Dead with “Yakety Sax,” probably because …

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