Great Job, Internet!: That final Game Of Thrones’ face-off gets a fan-made punch-up

This post discusses plot details from the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones, which is probably why you clicked on it in the first place.

Sure, last night’s “Battle Of The Bastards” episode of Game Of Thrones featured a heart-pounding medieval battle and gorgeous cinematography, but far and away the best thing about the episode was watching Ramsay Bolton get the shit kicked out of him by Jon Snow. That, in turn, was only topped by watching Ramsay get ripped apart by his own dogs curtesy of one Sansa Stark. But in case all that brutality didn’t quite feel like enough punishment for Westeros’ resident Patrick Bateman, the YouTube channel Ozzy Man Reviews released a special “extended edition” of the Jon/Ramsay beat-down:

In the actual episode, Jon only punches Ramsay for about 20 seconds before he magnanimously realizes he should leave some of the punishing for …

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