Great Job, Internet!: Thanks to the Zombeavers theme song, a generation finally has its anthem

Just what are zombeavers? Obviously they are irradiated, mutated beavers that hunger for human flesh. Zombeavers is also a new movie hitting theaters and VOD soon that comes complete with its own swinging theme song. The music and lyrics are by Jon and Al Kaplan (who also wrote the film) who have previously brought such Internet classics as the Silence Of The Lambs musical, Conan The Barbarian musical, and others. Their silly but plot-centric tune is brought to sultry, swooning life by Nick Amado as he basically lays out the entire plot of the film and its various twists and turns. Those waiting to go in fresh for the film may wish to skip this particular video. It also features some NSFW sexy images and gore shots that may also push others away from watching it as well. Either way, it’s a catchy tune that will have toes tapping …

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