Great Job, Internet!: Texas cops struggle to detain loose pigs in slapstick comedy come to life

Animals cannot use the internet, and yet they are one of the primary sources of joy on it, whether they are doing human things, making unlikely friends, or being unconscionable little rascals. The great llama chase of 2015 will remain one of the only moments in history that the entirety of Twitter rallied together in joyous unison with almost no possible way to devolve into partisan bickering. And while there are certainly some easy jokes to be made here, we are going to avoid them and just enjoy the wholesome, almost Dukes Of Hazzard-style image of this Texas highway overrun with merry pigs that authorities were forced to haplessly corral.

Clips of it are all over Twitter:

LIVE: We’re seeing lots of pigs roaming I-45 in Dallas County. All lanes are closed near Pleasant Run Rd.

— NBC DFW (@NBCDFW) June …

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