Great Job, Internet!: Tegan And Sara have released a Pride mixtape on Pandora

June is Pride Month, and Tegan And Sara have put together a Pride mixtape available exclusively on Pandora to celebrate. The playlist streams with or without a Pandora account, so everyone can enjoy the collection of “anthems that inspire acceptance, freedom, self expression and love.” In an accompanying press release, Tegan states:

We get asked a lot what kind of advice we would offer to young people who are coming out, or just to anyone about self-love, and the truth is that the best advice I was ever given about pride and self-love was from my mom when I was very young which was just to be cool. Be you. I think that Sara and I have really just done that. So I offer that advice to all of you. Just be yourself. You’re cool.

In addition to Tegan And Sara originals from the brand new album Love You …

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