Great Job, Internet!: TBS’ Dinner And A Movie sure did have a way with food-based movie puns

For 16 years, TBS had a unique and entertaining method of sprucing up its movie presentations: with quippy commentary and lots and lots of punning, movie-specific recipes. From 1995 to 2011, the basic cable channel’s Dinner And A Movie was sort of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 for foodies. Between movie segments, host Paul Gilmartin (of The Mental Illness Happiness Hour podcast), resident chef Claud Mann, and a succession of female co-hosts, including Annabelle Gurwitch, Lisa Kushell, and Janet Varney, would prepare and enjoy a dish that was somehow thematically tied to a particular film. Besides making the network’s 27th airing of Air America more entertaining, it was also an interesting way of adding at least two more senses, taste and smell, to the movie-watching experience. For those who miss the show or who never got around to watching it when it was on, the good news is …

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