Great Job, Internet!: Take Trump’s new, totally unbiased survey on how the press are all dirty liars

Earlier today, Donald Trump held his first solo press conference, going it alone against the media he so openly despises in a dissembling stream-of-consciousness ramble reminiscent of one of FDR’s classic fireside chats, only where everything is on fire. Amid Trump’s bizarre tangents about alleyways filled with Obamacare’s bodies and how his will be the biggest, most tremendous nuclear holocaust, and aside from his demonstrations that he’s “the least racist person” by telling a Jewish reporter asking about anti-Semitism to “sit down,” then suggesting a black reporter hook him up with her “friends” in the Congressional Black Caucus, the most lasting message was one we’ve already heard a lot. Everything negative that is ever written about Trump or his administration, “It’s all fake news.” The never-ending horrors coming out of his Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari team of advisors—fake news. His massive unpopularity—fake …

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