Great Job, Internet!: Take a stroll down memory lane with some of Fox News’ most racist moments

Fox News has some shit going on right now, with its CEO and its top pundit Bill O’Reilly recently ousted due to sexual harassment charges, onetime face-of-the-network Megyn Kelly on her way to a new show at NBC, a brand new racial-discrimination class-action lawsuit, and now rumblings from its premiere strong-chinned blowhard Sean Hannity that a conspiracy is afoot within the building itself. These latest rumors are actually an interesting change of pace, seemingly laying the blame on internal warmongering rather than some sort of liberal conspiracy. Maybe there’s just a Soros plant somewhere high up the chain of command.

Or perhaps, alternately, this is the long-overdue crumbling of a TV empire built on seething contempt for both its audience, which it considers slack-jawed yokels capable of only titillation and outrage, as well as everyone who isn’t its audience, which it considers a threat to America. For …

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