Great Job, Internet!: Sure looks like James Comey has a secret Twitter account where he follows The Onion

Last night, FBI director James Comey casually revealed that he has low-key, extremely private accounts on both Instagram and Twitter. It would make sense for someone in his position to keep an eye on these platforms and even to casually enjoy using them, but the notion of him keeping them secret was too good for Gizmodo‘s Ashley Feinberg to not follow up on. She found what sure looks like his account for both platforms within a few hours, because you can’t keep a goddamn thing for yourself on the internet.

She goes into the full procedure for her exposĂ© here, including such steps as 1) finding Comey’s son on Instagram, and 2) having Instagram then suggest Comey’s private account to her. Interestingly, on both accounts, he uses the handle Reinhold Niebuhr, an influential theologian and political philosopher on whom Comey wrote his senior thesis in college …

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