Great Job, Internet!: Supercut proves Martin Sheen sure did flip his jacket a lot on The West Wing

Characters on Aaron Sorkin shows, famed for their rapid-fire hallway “walk and talk” scenes, must learn to multitask if they’re going to survive and thrive. After all, a character like President Jed Bartlet on Sorkin’s The West Wing has a lot to accomplish in those dialogue-heavy, 42-minute episodes. As YouTuber Simon De Little puts it: “Jed is a very busy man who can’t be faffing about putting his jacket on one arm at a time like us normal people.” Luckily, Martin Sheen, the actor who portrayed Bartlet, mastered the art of the jacket flip, a sartorial shortcut immortalized by De Little in a mesmeric new supercut. Watch in awe as Martin Sheen instantly, effortlessly flips his way into his suit jackets again and again, like a superhero donning his costume. There is, in fact, enough jacket flipping on The West Wing to fill up a minute and …

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