Great Job, Internet!: Stroll through the Museum Of Failure, which preserves the world’s worst products

There’s a reason we love to witness the failure of others, and it’s not entirely based in cynicism and bitterness. Failure brings us together, it makes us feel less alone. It’s why we watch The Room in crowded theaters. And it’s why, when you’re in Helsingborg, Sweden, you’re going to visit the Museum Of Failure, which opens in early June.

Created by organizational psychologist Dr. Samuel West, the museum’s collection spans 60 different failed products, each of which Dr. West uses as a means to explore the realities of corporate risk and innovation. “Innovation requires failure. Learning is the only process that turns failure into success,” he says in the video below, which features a number of the museum’s pieces.

There’s the notoriously buggy Apple Newton. There’s Bic’s absurdly sexist “For Her” pens adorned with flowers and pastels. There …

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