Great Job, Internet!: Straight Outta Bieber documents the turbulent times of JDB’s early career

It was a time of turbulence and strife, when a disenfranchised population found themselves at odds with oppressive law enforcement and a disinterested political system. It was against this backdrop that a musical force emerged to present a threat to the status quo. Rising quickly to the top, a divisive artist garnered legions of fans, while alienating millions who were unable to accept the message, the musicality, even the artistic legitimacy of the act in question.

We’re talking about Justin Bieber, America’s Least Wanted. Courtesy of Funny Or Die, we get the documentary of Justin Bieber the way it was intended to be presented—mashed up with the trailer for Straight Outta Compton. The parody works on several levels, as Bieber is depicted as being tied to social upheaval, viewed as a dangerous cultural avatar, and—of course—his ability to impress the members of N.W.A …

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