Great Job, Internet!: Step aside kid, and watch an awesome stop-motion Transformers fan movie

If you’re looking for evidence that a huge budget isn’t necessary to make a Transformers experience that’s more fun than Michael Bay’s contributions to the franchise, you could do a lot worse than this stop-motion Transformers adventure. Director Harris Loureiro just finished Transformers Generation, which is the result of six months of carefully positioning and photographing classic Hasbro Transformers toys. Loureiro pays homage to what was awesome (and awesomely stupid) about the ’80s cartoon.

From the overwrought dialog and “TSCHE-CHU-CHU-CHU-TSCHE”s of the series to the cheesy rock anthems and “the matrix” of the animated movie, Generation nails it. The kinetics of the stop-motion robot-on-robot violence arguably improves on both the classic cartoon and Bay’s unrestrained pixel-fests. Transformers Generation recaptures the goofy fun of the series. But be warned: Too much enjoyment could lead to picking through flea-market toys to find an Optimus Prime in …

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