Great Job, Internet!: Stare blankly at images of Don Draper staring blankly

When he’s not smoking, drinking, philandering, genius-ing or exclaiming “What?” it would appear that Don Draper spends the rest of his day staring blankly. Thanks to the modern wonder of the internet, the Mad Men faithful have compiled pictures of Jon Hamm’s iconic character staring blankly on a Tumblr aptly titled Don Draper Staring Blankly.

That may be oversimplifying it a bit; fans of the show know that very few things are what they appear on the surface, so these stares that appear blank may actually feature a contemplative Don concocting his next lie or just spacing out drunk. With one episode left, Mad Men message boards are alive with series finale predictions, most of which center around death or that the entire show takes place in the mind of Pete and Peggy’s autistic child. The harbingers of death got two solid images of Don Draper staring …

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