Great Job, Internet!: Star Wars screenshots improved, clarified by Onion headlines

“Area Loner To Dwell On Past.” A sharp-witted, humorously melancholic observation on human folly? To be sure. But that deadpan Onion headline from 1996 also makes a dandy caption for a picture of the brooding Jedi-knight-turned-hermetic-loony Obi-Wan Kenobi, portrayed so reluctantly by Sir Alec Guinness in 1977’s Star Wars. In fact, it turns out that numerous gags from The A.V. Club‘s sister site pair up nicely with images from George Lucas’ sprawling, multi-film space opera, a point proven repeatedly by a fan named Lindsey (or, as she would have it, Skygawker), proprietor of the humorous Star Wars-themed Tumblr A Certain Point Of View. (That name, by the way, references some prime Luke/ghost Obi-Wan dialogue from Return Of The Jedi.) Over the course of several postings, Lindsey has used vintage Onion headlines to expose the pathetic and/or tragicomic nature of various Star Wars characters, particularly …

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