Great Job, Internet!: Star Wars relives its own history through vintage Kenner toy ads

Star Wars represented more than a breakthrough in special effects or even in motion picture marketing when it first captured America’s heart back in the late 1970s. The franchise also represented a quantum leap forward for the toy industry, largely thanks to a hugely successful line of Star Wars merchandise from Kenner, a now-defunct company based in Cincinnati. The popular toys not only lined George Lucas’ pockets considerably but also set an example that other toy manufacturers scrambled to copy for years. Eventually, as Star Wars fans grew into adult collectors and had access to more discretionary income, the vintage toys became valuable assets that were bought and sold regularly online. In the pre-YouTube 1990s, a VHS compilation of Star Wars toy ads become a particularly hot commodity, a boon to any grown fans trying to relive their childhood days in front of the TV after school.

Now, the …

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