Great Job, Internet!: Star Wars gets the True Detective treatment

True Detective‘s credits are a lot of fun to watch, even for people who usually like to fast forward through credits. Kicked up a notch from last year’s monotone delivery, some might even argue that True Detective‘s credits are the high point of a weak season two.

One of the complaints about the first season credits were that they could be a bit formulaic: half-tone a character, and silhouette them against some relevant imagery. Make the landscape a vessel for somebody, and then reverse the equation. Sometimes the shots are so on the nose that they beg for parody, like the revised opening for Key & Peele.

Enter the Star Wars: True Detective Style credit sequence, via YouTube channel Star Wars Minute. An outline of Dark Vader is the perfect vessel to convey menacing flames, Princess Leia’s Empire-era concern is palpable, and Boba Fett gets …

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