Great Job, Internet!: Star Wars’ first teaser proves the studio had no idea what the movie was about

In late 1976, with the Christmas season approaching and Star Wars nowhere near completion, director George Lucas was in a desperate state. 20th Century Fox had sunk $10 million into the project and had seen very few results for its money. Not even the movie’s own crew had seen much of it by then. The turning point was the production of a crude but effective, 107-second teaser trailer. The blog Episode Nothing tells how the promo was produced and how it was originally received in the article “The Story Of A Boy, A Girl, And A Universe: The Original Star Wars Teaser Trailer From 1976.”

Assembled over the course of three weeks at a cost of $3,915, the teaser was intended to appease the nervous Fox execs, get audiences excited about the film, and provide motivation for the beleaguered crew. On the last count, at least, it was …

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