Great Job, Internet!: Square got into a fight with someone named Fart Sandwich

After Wendy’s up and changed the Twitter game for corporate brands by shaming trolls into retirement and calling out its competition, social media directors are loosening their ties, cracking their knuckles, and ruthlessly pursuing the specter of virality. Of course, one can’t simply go viral; more often than not, virality is thrust upon you. Such was the case with Square—that mobile payment app—whose social media team was simply going about its day when destiny reared its head as a Twitter account called Fart Sandwich.

go away

— Fart Sandwich (@SandwichofFarts) July 15, 2017

Square was engaging with a separate user when Fart Sandwich barreled into its mentions to make their presence known. Square keeps its responses playful, but Fart Sandwich wasn’t interested in keeping things civil.

You first.

— Square (@Square) July 15, 2017

Is “make a financial corporation look hip and trendy” what you thought you …

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