Great Job, Internet!: Spend the remainder of the day watching Chappelle’s Show sketches

Earlier today, it was confirmed that Dave Chappelle will host next weekend’s Saturday Night Live alongside A Tribe Called Quest. This is a long-awaited return for both, even though they’ve remained busy; Chappelle never quite left comedy, he just left TV, and Tribe’s members never stopped doing provocative, forward-thinking work, they just stopped doing it together.

Mostly, though, this means Dave Chappelle is returning to sketch comedy, a form he utterly mastered across the span of two and a half seasons of Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show. His sketches were at once scabrous and generous, finding pathos in ugly places and outrage in unexamined ones. It couldn’t be more fitting that he’s returning to the form the weekend after a racist demagogue is either elected president or sent slithering back into his penthouse.

So, hey, instead of working, let’s watch a bunch of …

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