Great Job, Internet!: Spectre is chockablock with references to other James Bond movies

The box-office-dominating Spectre may be Daniel Craig‘s last outing as 007—or it may not be. Either way, the film certainly seems like a victory lap or a valedictory speech, especially given how many references it contains to previous entries in the James Bond series. YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies has taken the liberty of cataloging all of these intra-franchise citations, some subtle, others glaringly obvious, and he has compiled them into a handy, spoiler-heavy video whose bold title claims it captures “Every Easter Egg & Reference” in Spectre. Mr. Sunday Movies is a little less authoritative in the video’s description: “By every,” he writes in that space, “I mean some.” Still, overall—especially for those who didn’t do their master’s thesis on the works of Ian Fleming—the irreverent yet information-packed video is well worth watching.

After first acknowledging that Spectre is not essential viewing, since …

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