Great Job, Internet!: Sorry, kids, but that “astronaut ice cream” has always been a myth

For decades, museums and planetariums have been selling their alleged “astronaut ice cream,” friable blocks of chalky material tasting faintly of Neapolitan, to children with the promise that this is what real-life NASA astronauts enjoy for dessert when they’re up in space. Well, says Vox, it’s all hogwash. Kids have been hoodwinked for generations by NASA, and astronaut ice cream is purely a marketing fabrication, a cynical hoax targeting the innocent and naive. Vox lays out its evidence in a handsomely produced YouTube video titled “Astronaut Ice Cream Is A Lie.” The case is damning. Even the company that manufactures the stuff can’t really defend it from a historical standpoint. The only tenuous connection between astronauts and ice cream comes from the Apollo 7 mission in 1968, when a single menu and a lone press clipping make passing mention of vanilla ice cream. But Vox spoke with …

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