Great Job, Internet!: Sorry, but there are definitely going to be more movies about apps

We’re entering a new age of moviemaking. Or, rather, an extension of one in which we’ve already been living; as the New York Times notes in this illuminating new piece, only one of last year’s top 20 grossing movies was based on a wholly original screenplay. Contrast that to 1996, when nine of them were live-action movies with original scripts. The times have already changed, but they’re now they’re beginning to contort. Because what happens when you’re working with existing content is that you begin to run out of it—once you’re rebooting CHiPS as a gay panic comedy, you know you’re running out of content. This breeds desperation.

One of the prime subjects of Alex French’s “How to Make a Movie Out Of Anything— Even A Mindless Phone Game” is Tripp Vinson, a Hollywood producer that’s worked on some …

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