Great Job, Internet!: Someone took a shit on Donald Trump’s website

Pretty much every poll says that tonight Donald Trump is headed toward the greatest, most high-profile failure in a life overflowing with them. His own demeanor has turned apocalyptic; on 4chan, his most virulent supporters are turning, slowly, to see the frog in the mirror.

And now, to add insult to injury, someone has taken a shit on his website. Or placed a shit, more like: As Wired reports, a “stored cross-site scripting” vulnerability allowed one enterprising user to do to Trump’s site what so many of us have only dreamed.

Did Trump’s web site get hacked?

— Tony Arcieri (@bascule) November 8, 2016

Trump’s team later fixed this vulnerability, but not before users discovered a second exploit, wherein any text entered at the end of a URL would then appear as a banner on the page. While Trump’s …

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