Great Job, Internet!: Someone is collecting all of the Gap’s in-store playlists from the ’90s

It’s important for brands to uphold a particular identity when tucked away inside a mall, to beckon the lumbering hordes with an aesthetic and sound that’s uniquely suited to their core audience, whether that be teens, olds, or strollers. Back in the ’90s, for example, Abercrombie & Fitch famously front-loaded its staff with aspiring models, while Brookstone relied on the power of placing a vibrating recliner front and center. Most outlets, however, opted for a killer soundtrack.

These soundtracks weren’t curated by the enviable teens behind the counter, though; rather, they were corporate creations, with a new, four-hour tape sent every several months to play on a loop until the seasons changed. The content suited the selection—you’d hear oldies and acoustic folk at Eddie Bauer, while at Natural Wonders, Yanni would fill your ears. If it was the hip shit you wanted, you went to …

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