Great Job, Internet!: Someone has compiled all of Superman’s live-action movie kills

It is a supposed tenet of the Superman mythos that the Man Of Steel does not kill. It’s a topic that has inspired a surprising amount of controversy over the years, mostly among nerds. But come on. In the course of carrying out his duties with those awesome and awesomely destructive powers of his, which include shooting deadly laser beams from his eyes, Superman would actually be killing people left and right. And that’s exactly what he does in a new supercut by a YouTuber named Mr. Sunday Movies, who previously provided the same service for the much-less-killing-averse Batman. Mr. Sunday Movies has limited his scope to Superman’s live action feature films, but there is still plenty of mayhem to go around. Even when the strange visitor from Krypton isn’t directly killing anyone, he certainly allows others—including innocent civilians—to die by the hundreds around …

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