Great Job, Internet!: Someone animated their Sonic The Hedgehog nightmare—now it’s your nightmare, too

Apparently, today is “things to terrify the reader” day here at Great Job, Internet! This latest entry proves how far technology has come. Previously, if someone had a weird dream about Sonic The Hedgehog, they would simply bore a friend by relating it and trying to make sense of it. Or, if they’re any sort of sensible person, they would bury it forever in their Mind Palace and never let anyone know the darkest thoughts that percolate inside their fevered brain. But that was the old way—long live the new flesh!

YouTube user keepfilming apparently had an odd nightmare about Sonic in which the two are roommates, but keepfilming wants something more from the fast-moving hedgehog. And so they animated their dream, and…well, it’s certainly unique. It involves coaching from Dr. Robotnik, some inappropriate tickling, and then a moment of existential dread that either leads to …

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