Great Job, Internet!: Some of the scariest sounds in horror movies are the ones you can’t hear

It’s officially Halloween night, and your options are either to gas some Mad Dogs and toilet-paper your ex’s house with your friends, or stay in and watch a few more horror movies while you still have an excuse. If you’re choosing the latter (probably smart), here is a great option streaming on Netflix, and here is a slightly more ambitious slate to work your way through.

While you’re doing that, lend an ear to the sounds creeping out of the speakers; there’s a lot more going on there than you might realize. A new article on Atlas Obscura explores some of the many ways horror movies use sound to manipulate their audience psychologically. For one, filmmakers can layer sound at a level below where human ears perceive it, so it comes across at the same low rumble on which we’d feel an earthquake or …

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